A Journey in Becoming...

Hi there,

Are you an incredible kid, a fabulous youth, or an amazing adult?

Are you a parent, guardian, care-giver, or you are hoping to become one soon? Do you desire to learn more and excel in your role? Are you that type of parent that loves to invest your time, resources, and golden opportunities in the lives of your children?

Are you simply looking to hone-in on your leadership skills with a view to becoming more efficient at your endeavours?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you sure are in the right place, and in a safe space too. So, come along, and let’s explore together!


Ife Adeoba


No Boundaries. No Limits. No Stops.


“For several years, I have been mentored by Ifedayo and benefited from her career and leadership coaching skills. I have used the principles she taught me to accelerate my career success and interpersonal relationships.

I find that Ifedayo brilliantly and succinctly imparts tried and tested principles for living a successful and fulfilled life, especially in young adults…”

Eniola Opasina, United States

“We are so grateful for the mentorship our children are getting from CLC. They have never given a hint of not wanting to attend the club since joining in August 2018. This testifies to how engaging it is.”

Mrs Tinuke Giwa, Lagos

“I am very impressed with what was achieved with the children in just 4 weeks at the summer camp…”

Mrs Busola Adebusoye, UK


  • Children’s Light Club

  • CLC Outreach

  • Lighthill Youth Club

  • Volunteer with us

  • Sponsor a child


  • Speak at your event

  • One-On-One Coaching

  • Group Coaching Sessions

  • Leadership programs

  • Join a nonprofit board