Ife Adeoba is a Lawyer, a Certified Coach, and a Professional Etiquette Consultant.

She is a passionate lover of children, teenagers and young adults. A firm believer in the phrase “catch them young”, because for her, children are very malleable, and what you give to them, you get back in multiples. Ife enjoys mentoring, counselling, and coaching people on myriad issues including parenting, conflicts, emotional intelligence, workplace ethics, leadership, etiquette, behavioural issues, character development, breaking habits, and many more.

Under the umbrella of Lighthill Life, Ife is thankful for the grace to have founded Children’s Light Club, (a kids club focused on raising wise and well-rounded and Godly children); and the Lighthill Academy (focused on teaching children, teenagers and young adults invaluable leadership skills, and supporting them through life’s challenges), amongst other initiatives.

Ife is a CAMS Certified Compliance professional, and a transactional lawyer with over 13 years of experience. She is an Independent Director at Side Brief Compliance Services, and the Anti-Money Laundering Lead at Dentons Canada LLP.

Ife is a family woman to the core. She is also charismatic speaker and enjoys the art of writing.