Lighthill Life is a platform that brings together like minds yearning for the right wisdom in today’s world. Together, our individual stories contain in them, life giving treasures to many others around us; whatever stage we are at.

The family unit is the centre of life. The relationships, principles and values shared within the family crystallizes in the outside world and in many cases, results in several breakthroughs or dilemma, that could last generations. At Lighthill life, attention is given to the family and the stakeholders in the family (husband, wife, father, mother, children, care-givers, and extended family). Not only in relation to how the family functions, but also in terms of how each functional part of the family excels in their individual lives and external relationships at home, in school, at work and ultimately, in life.

Lighthill Life is also devoted to grooming the youth; supporting them to imbibe great leadership skills and invaluable work ethics.

In all, Lighthill Life is about you and me. It’s about harnessing our potential, shining our lights so bright, and doing great exploits on earth without fear, shame, limits, or boundaries.

Please enjoy exploring the different sections of this website, to benefit from the various programs and resources.