Children’s Light Club (CLC) is a faith based gathering of amazing children and teenagers that started as a small gathering of 17 kids in Lagos, Nigeria, and has evolved into a club that attracts several scores of children from different countries and continents of the world, now taking advantage of e-learning. Members learn about God’s word and learn to show forth their light in the world.


We welcome every member regardless of race, colour, or national origin in a safe, supportive, and accepting environment.

Members air their views with confidence, respect for others, and without fear. Facilitators take every child’s view into consideration.

Love, compassion and respect
Members show love and are compassionate towards one another. All members are respected, valued, and treated fairly; and also show respect to others.

Members understand the concept of authority, and the value of obedience; whilst being mindful of the current realities and complexities of today’s world.

Whilst we teach our members never to be judgmental; we stand for, and always encourage strong moral values in members.

Working together
We insist on co-operation and collaboration with parents and guardians; with a view to getting the best out of our members.

Our teachings are based on the Christian Faith and are aimed at supporting parents to raise wise and godly children.


Meetings are held virtually on a monthly basis.

Physical events are also held intermittently, and parents are informed ahead of such physical meetings.


Enrolment is subject to space availability.

CLC is accepting new members.


5-15 years.


Membership is free

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