The most valuable possessions in life are intangible. You can’t touch them with your bare hands, but their essence run deep. As parents and guardians, the best gifts you can give to your children and teenagers are really not those that can be touched or tampered with. This is what the Leadership & Etiquette Academy is about. Priceless life long gifts that you can give to your children, which they will forever be thankful for.


At the Lighthill Leadership & Etiquette Academy, we want to support you as parents and guardians to raise a generation of wise, well-rounded, empowered, and emotionally intelligent individuals, who are poise, well mannered, and have great strength of character. These individuals will lead their own lives and lead others with great influence; thereby, shining their lights in the world, leading thoughts, and doing great exploits. 


Our bespoke and robust curriculums are tailored to the needs of children and teenagers having regard to the current realities of these modern times. The curriculums contain over 30 Modules, with a total of about 200 lessons each, for the different age groups.

Our broad topics on Leadership cover various subjects including The Power of the Mind, Self Confidence, Growing Entrepreneurs, Achiever’s Corner – Time Management, Goal Setting and Vision Boards, Amazing Me – Self Esteem, Decision Making, Character Development, Overcoming Monsters – Fear and Anxiety, Culture of Entitlement, Job Skills, Financial Literacy – Saving, Borrowing, and Lending, Emotional Intelligence, Perfectionism, Work Ethics, and more.

Our broad topics on Etiquette include Communication Skills, The Art of Listening, Public Speaking, Finishing Classes – Social Graces, Basic Manners, Online and Tech Decorum, Body Posture, Safety Matters, Inter-personal relations, Etiquette of Intimacy, Traditional Etiquette Rules – Dining,  and more.


The Age Groups in this category are (6-12 year olds) and (13-19 year olds).


The Leadership & Etiquette Academy organizes programs in Modules during the Summer for groups of children, and one-on-one sessions all year round.

Group Summer classes are held virtually.

All year round One-on-one sessions are held either virtually or in-person.


Fees apply, subject to the method of learning opted for (i.e. Group Summer Classes or All Year Round One-on-one session).

Fees for Group Summer Classes will be released in the Spring (check out the Store).

All Year Round One-on-One Sessions are $15o per Session.


Financial Assistance will apply to eligible applicants, upon consideration of individual circumstances.

Get in touch with us if you would like to sponsor a child, and you will get a Sponsor’s discount.


Want to sign up your kids and teens? We will be so excited to have you on board.

Group Summer Classes: Registration links to be released in the Spring

All Year Round one-on-one Sessions: Send an email to to book a session.