LYC is a christian youth club that focuses on using Godly counsel to guide young people through the challenges they may face in life, and prepare them for the great future ahead of them. This we believe, will embolden them to shine their lights and do exploits in the world.

It is common knowledge that the youth today face countless challenges. Many are dealing with standing up for themselves, making wise choices, family related issues, educational challenges, employment issues, substance abuse, body image issues, sexual abuse, violence, self confidence issues, social networking issues, relationship issues, mental health challenges, and so many more. 

LYC is a learning platform to help these amazing young people learn more about life the God-way, speak up before issues arise or while they are dealing with the issues.


We welcome every member regardless of race, colour, or national origin in a safe, supportive, and accepting environment.

Self-Expression and Interaction
LYC is a safe space. Members air their views with confidence, respect for others, and without fear of judgment or discrimination. LYC meetings are highly interactive.

Confidence and Privilege
Members understand that every sensitive and personal issue discussed at LYC should be treated as confidential and privileged information, unless otherwise specified by the facilitators.

Love, compassion and respect
Members show love and are compassionate towards one another. All members are respected, valued, and treated fairly; and also show respect to others.

Our discussions (whether general or spiritual) are in line with the Christian Faith.


Masterclasses and bootcamp are held at different times in the course of the year. Members will be informed ahead of events.


Membership is open to teenagers and young adults, and enrolment is subject to space availability.

LYC is accepting new members.


16-21 years


Membership is free

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