Life is a school, and learning must be continuous in the journey to becoming.

Beyond what a colleague suggests, what a neighbour thinks, or what seems most logical in the circumstances; there is a right way to go about the things that truly matter to us, in order to become productive and achieve great success in our roles as individuals, business owners and professionals.

By listening, sharing experiences, not being judgmental, and sharing wisdom, we are able to gallantly walk through the challenges of life together without fear, and with the hope of excelling.


Effective and efficient support is offered to the following groups of individuals:

  • Kids and Tweens
    (Self Esteem, Fear and anxiety, Character Development, Anger and Aggression, Parental separation issues, Destructiveness, Violence, Stress, Bullying, Anti-social behaviour and more)
  • Teenagers and the Youth 
    (Habits and addictions, Fear and anxiety, Self-Esteem, Bullying, Character Development, Parental separation issues, Drugs, Anger and Aggression, Conflicts, School issues, College Readiness, Relationships, Job skills and more)
  • Young Adults
    (Educational challenges, Employment issues, Job skills, Substance abuse, Body image issues, Abuse, Violence, Self-confidence issues, Social networking issues, Relationships, Mental health issues and more)
    (Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Work Ethics, Leadership skills, Character development, Building Effective Teams, Motivation and Engagement, Analytical thinking, Mentoring and more)
  • Parents, Guardians, and Care Givers
    (Difficulty with kids’ daily routines and training, Child’s behaviour, Assertiveness, Sibling Rivalry, Conflicts, Anxiety, Technology and social media, Parenting techniques, and more)


One-on-one Session:

Initial Consultation – Free phone consultation for 20 minute to determine what coaching method would be appropriate.

Consultation – Personalized session(s) will commence. This may be virtual or physical sessions.

Follow Up – With clear objectives in sight, we will work together to achieve the short, medium, and long-term goals, with a view to surmounting challenges.

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Group Sessions:

Through Webinars, Trainings, Workshops, Open Mic hangouts, Town Hall meetings, etc., coaching and mentoring sessions are offered to the groups of individuals and corporates listed above. Sessions may be offered virtually or physically.

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We are happy to receive invitations to facilitate or co-facilitate your events. For group sessions organized by Lighthill Life, see our Events page for details of upcoming events.